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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Audience, menu, and field trip ideas

The plan is starting to take shape.

It helps me to consider the audience for the final product(s).  For the first product, Students could create a “pitch” to propose their idea for the new or improved restaurant, they could do market research by delivering pitch to parents, other summer school students and teachers and collect data on their opinions
If it is an improvement to existing restaurant, they could pitch the idea to the actual restaurant or maybe we can find a local restaurant owners assoc.

For the second, it seems pretty clear that the LISD chefs would be the audience. :)

More menu ideas:
What countries/cultures do LISD students come from? and what do students in these countries eat for lunch?  How does that menu compare to the food offered in LISD school cafeteria?

I do have a couple of questions that concern me... Fast food restaurants and the grocery store are not "new" to students. Can we come up with some places to visit that will be new experiences for them? 

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