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Friday, May 3, 2013

Work in Progress---Proposed Daily Schedule
The team was interested in thinking out the schedule for the day.  This is what we have in mind, at this point.

1. Breakfast -7:30-8
2. Team building (for at least the 1st 2 days)
3. Introductions to the problem---discussions, videos, articles, 
4. Team meeting---what questions do you have?  What options for 
     resources and presentations would you like?  What learning will 
     you need in order to move forward with your project:  math, 
     language arts, technology?---all of this info is posted on our 
     "Project Wall"---Teacher should include all
      details/pics/challenges on the Blog.
 5. New Learning (workshop times)---teachers coming in, will   
      provide instruction on student needs or challenge  
 6.  Physical Exercise/Specials?
 7.  Read Aloud---reflections for writing/comprehension 
 8.  Project time
 9.  New Learning (workshop times)---teachers coming in, will 
      provide instruction on student needs or challenge 
 10. Team debriefs about their time lines/End of the day

*Students not needing the workshop would continue with research time.

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