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Friday, May 3, 2013

Theme Idea

-Food For Thought
-OMG!  Food can do that to me?

Possible Driving Questions:
 -How does culture influence what people eat? 
 -How does food impact society, our life styles, our bodies?

Connection to our logo: Mouse reaching for the cheese :o)  (good one Noe)

As a team, we began a mind map with the central focus being FOOD.  We all brainstormed and wrote every idea that related to the central idea of food and nutrition.  The results ranged from:
-world hunger 
-food as a multi-million dollar industry
-nutritional value
-being wasteful with school

 After looking at the ideas, we started looking at potential field trips we could take and also special guests that we could invite
for information through a "professional lens/insight." 

Two problems (1st 2 weeks) that we considered:
-Watch a video that will hook students regarding fast food and 
   its effects on children.  
1.  Students will study and compare the various aspects of fast food:
 -its nutritional value
-where the ingredients come from (geography)
-using surveys to seek info
-investigating its health effects

2. Students will create a healthy menu and present it to LISD's nutritional services:
-review available food options
- cost
-nutritional value
-aesthetic value of the food

We generated a list of possible activities for choice menus students will work on:
-create a map of fast food locations found in a selected city
-interview fast food customers about why and where they choose to eat.
-keep a dietary journal to track your calorie in-take for several days and create a graph with the data
-generate a list of questions that will support your project to be posed to guest speaker
-mileage log for 1st field trip, how much spent on gas-gallons/gas price based on mpg of a school bus.
-create a healthy food guide that informs child readers of calories
-design an artistic masterpiece with food
-write a letter to a local fast food place recommending changes that would attract patrons

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