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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Summer School has flown by! Our wonderful students presented on the process and outcome of their investigations to classmates, teachers and family members. Each presentation lasted about 5 minutes. Students  used live skits, Power Points, Glogster and Comic Life as a means to share their findings. At the end of each presentation members of the the audience were given questions to ask the presenters. The questions  matched those from a checklist/rubric that was given to the students to check the quality of their work.

¿Qué fuentes de información utilizaron? ¿Cuál fue lo mas divertido de esta experiencia? ¿Cuál fue lo mas difícil de esta experiencia? ¿Cuáles fueron los pasos que tomaron en su investigación? ?Cuál fue la pregunta que investigaron? ¿Qué fue lo que descubrieron? ¿Qué fue lo mas interesante o importante que aprendieron? ¿Qué fue lo que descubrieron?

During their first presentation in the morning the children were shy and unsure of themselves. By the end of the day the students were really proud of their work and took ownership of of all aspects of the presentation. They couldn't wait to present again!

I've realized that PBL is a process both for teachers and students and during these 4 weeks we've taken a huge step forward! Let's keep walking...

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