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Monday, July 15, 2013

Today we visited Central Market and the students got a "delicious" tour of the store.  They got to sample some exotic fruits and vegetables, real pound cake and even a bit of gelato.  They were amazed to see the 26 varieties of apples, as well as all the different kinds of mushrooms that ranged in price from $5.99 per lb. to $39.99 per pound.  We had lunch on the patio and despite the rain the kids could not stay away from the playground!

We also stopped by the New Day Community Garden where our friend Rose Jennings told us about what it means to grow food as a community.  The children had good questions such as:  Is it hard to grow your own food?  How long does it take for something to grow?  What happens to the fruits and vegetables in the winter?  Rose showed them how they compost so that they always have rich soil available for the plants and how they are almost done with two big cement rain barrels that will allow them to collect rain water for irrigation.  She talked a lot about the value of collaboration between different gardeners and different organizations.  The kids got to see eggplants, tomatoes and peppers growing on the vines and tasted some sweet basil and thyme.

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