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Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 5---MONDAY!

We started our Monday morning with the strategy of  "tell me something good!"  Students discussed where they went, what they, did and of course what they ate.  We took some time to recap all of last week's events and we also discussed what we've learned un until now.  Groups talked about where they were in their timelines of the project and some of the things they still needed to get accomplished.  Just as I anticipated, all groups are still in the research phase of the project and are not at a point where all of their questions regarding their topic have been answered.
They have 3 activities from the menu to work on, and most groups alternate time on each of the 2 activities from the menu.  The 3rd (and mandatory activity) will most likely start to take form closer to the end, as it details their PBL journey throughout the 4 weeks.

Last week, I started conferencing with the groups regarding their chosen activities to see what they had in mind for their projects .  I have found that students want to rush through the process without really having enough information to complete the project.  I'm also finding over and over that students will need workshops in editing their writing and organizing information (charts graphs and graphs).  

Today, students participated in a workshop that would support their writing, especially on technological devices.

Students had opportunities to visit the library on a regular basis during camp.  They enjoyed time in the library for SSR and continued research.  Students really utilized their time wisely during that time!

I'm excited to see how much this camp (and all of the many reading opportunities) of an impact this camp will make on their reading levels at the beginning of the following school year! Students are constantly reading, discussing and digesting information.

The class chose Charlotte's Web as the read aloud for the class.  I read from 15-20 minutes a day, making sure that I was asking questions about vocabulary, comprehension, and asking students to make inference during the reading.

This will also be Day 5 of students posting in their journals.  They are journaling about:  things that they've learned, things they still want to learn about, next steps in their investigations, and what they want to continue learning.

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