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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teachers deliver a Math Workshop

Today was the 1st time dual language teachers came in to deliver a workshop to a group of our students based on some learning the students felt they needed.  Mrs. Hilary and Mrs. Bernhardt taught  a lesson on graphing data on a bar graph.  The students learned about the important parts of a bar graph: the title of the graph, the numbering system used to display their data, and the labels of the info. being displayed.  Students then worked in pairs to recreated their own bar graph based on the data that was on a table given to them.  During this activity students had rich conversations with their partners about how they wanted to represent the data on the graph and the numbering system that would be best to display the data (skip counting by either 5, 10, 20, or 50).  Overall, the learning was well received and the students will know how to graph the data they get while investigating their focus questions.  Thank you Mrs. Hilary and Mrs. Bernhardt!!!

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  1. Great job to Erin and Linda! It was very helpful to plan and deliver the lesson with another teacher, so that we could bounce ideas off of each other and refine different parts of the lesson cycle. We learned a lot and it wasn't stressful.