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Monday, June 10, 2013

Mas Recursos (VIDEOS) en Español

The following links are Spanish YouTube videos (and a few links in English for tracking) for the video flood.  With the exception of a video that will be used in whole group, the rest of these videos will be connected to a QR Code.  Students will  not be required to watch all of the offered videos, but will have the opportunity to choose and view the videos that will fit their learning.  The idea was to provide the students to utilize the Padlet application to carryout the mind mapping.  

Nuestras sugerencias cocina con niños en el restaurante Rubaiyat

Comida Chatarra Documental

Cerremos la puerta a la comida chatarra

Campana de nutrición de alimentos

alimentos saludables de las escuelas

organic friends y la Buena alimentación

la gordura no es Buena

frutas vs vegetales

las verduras y las frutas

Food and You

10 cosas desconocidas de McDonalds

10 cosas desconocidas de Coca Cola

coca cola y los dientes

Nourish Interactive


Increíble realidad de los Cheetos

¿Agua o Coca Cola?

Como se fabrica la salchicha (English)

Physical Activity Trackers


Possible interest clip for Monday, June 17th.


  1. Possible interest clip for the morning activity on Monday June 17th.

  2. Connecting the videos to the QR codes gives the students choice, independence and ownership of their learning. Great job technology savvy Noe!