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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 6---Word wall, Workshops, and Padlet

The word wall is coming along well.  Students are developing a grade appropriate list of words that is based on the research they are performing.  Students are pulling vocabulary from their research material, food magazines, and classroom library, and their own personal reading!

Throughout the 2 weeks, students placed words that they come into contact with.  They did a great job of keeping the vocabulary at a grade level appropriate.


Examples of student generated vocabulary words.

Norma and Allison delivered a workshop for language arts on  procedural writing.  Students worked in groups and pairs and followed the lesson cycle.

Today, during my read-a-loud, I presented as a discussion forum for my students.  This was a first time experience for all of the students.  I posted 3 questionsThey seemed to be extremely engaged and were excited to see their answers posted on the wall.  At the end, students were even asking if they could access this app from home!
Students enjoyed posting to the wall.  Foe some, it was the first time they they have been exposed to this type of question/answer format.

Students accessed the URL to begin posting thier thought, comments and answers on the Padlet forum.


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  1. The students showed to be very curious about their learning. I truly enjoyed working with someone. Co-teaching with another helped in the planning, teaching, and reflecting of our experience. I liked having someone to reflect with about the questions/concerns that came up during or after the lesson. Love the experience I gained from this hands-on, practical professional development.