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Monday, June 17, 2013

First day

We just finished the first day.  We had some minor set backs, the videos we chose were not accessible from school ipads, so students did not get to explore in smaller groups before coming up with questions.    We had to all watch pretty much the same videos.  But, by 3:00 pm we had groups of students with questions to investigate. We think some groups and questions will need to be tweaked over the next few days.  Pairs seem to work better than trios and some questions could be refined.

Most definitely tomorrow we will need to start out with a lesson on internet searches for info.  I think it can be an optional workshop, as only some groups are struggling with searches.

Here are initial questions:
Que contienen los dulces
porque existe la comida chatarra
Porque comemos comida que nos hace gordo
Porque algunas comidas nos hace vomitar
Quien invento las diferentes dulces
De que esta hecho chocolate
Cuanta grasa come el mundo en un mes
Porque el azucar le da energia
Porque las personas comen comida que no es saludable
Cuales son los ingredientes que hacen que la hamburguesa de McDonalds sean ricas
Como engorda la comida que no es saludable
Porque el chocolate tiene azucar

We will have time tomorrow to give workshops on searches, then directions on how to explore the question further and make a plan

We will also need to present a rubric to set expectations for the final presentation

There will be time during the teambuilding rotations to conference with individual groups to help them refine their questions.

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