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Thursday, June 20, 2013

PBL Day 4

Students met with the district's Child Nutrition Services Staff to discuss their research and their current findings.  Our students were readily able to respond to their questions with a level of sophistication that I felt was impressive!   They discussed everything from reasons for vegetarian diets to the implications of fast food to our health and nutrition.  
     The CNS staff also opened up a forum for discussion on student ideas for entrees, sides, vegetables, and even healthy desserts.  They were informed that the feedback collected today would be used to create, what I would call, a "combinations" game, with their choices.  There would also perhaps be an opportunity for the students to help prepare some of the menu's choice items for summer school later on (an even possibly for the next school year)!
The CNS department took note of student responses and will use that info to create a combinations game and as possible food menu items for a later date

Discussion forum with CNS staff on possible food item menu choices.

Groups explored began the different options that Glogster provides for theit 
Students seemed to have a better grasp of what the next steps for their research was.  We started our morning with a debrief of the last 3 days.  We reiterated our questions, we talked about chosen activities, and our next steps for learning.  I introduced Glogster Edu to a group of students who were ready to begin thinking about a format for their presentation.  That group sat together and explored the variety of functions that Glogster had to offer.  

Another group began the planning of one of their activities that included buying groceries for their family for a week and comparing it to families of other countries. 

Students began utilizing space and resources more efficiently today as well!
Groups used the large boards for planning, collaborating, and jotting thoughts and ideas.
Students will require some workshops on tables and charts to fully develop their the organization of their data.

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